In the past year Aero-Structures has designed and developed the primary aerodynamic and structural components of AETHER. We have designed a carbon fibre composite frame for the whole aircraft to be built around, which will be built by hand in house by our team.

We have also designed the 27m wide main wing, made of an incredibly light construction of carbon fibre, foam and mylar. With both of these components in a near complete stage test pieces will soon be made as a test of procedures before full construction takes place in the first semester.

We continue to work on other areas such as the aerodynamic fairing for the cockpit and other smaller structural issues for other subsystems.

Human Diagnostics

Human diagnostics has been working to ensure that the pilot's power is harnessed most efficiently. The team's main focus has been on researching a light weight carbon fibre seat and optimising the pilot position to harness maximum efficiency.


As the control subsystem, our job is to convert leg power into thrust, providing our aircraft with enough speed to take off and sustain flight. Innovative design along with some bold decisions have lead us to the creation of a unique drivetrain system that balances lightweight and efficiency, and that we believe will produce the force needed to get off the ground.


Controls has spent the past year designing and modelling the elevator and rudder of AETHER. These control surfaces have 2 roles, allow the aircaft to be controlled by the pilot as well as stabilize it while in flight.

The first step in the design process was calculating the dimensions of each control surface. 2m long for the elevator and 1m for the rudder, with a cord of .25m for both. Just like the main wing, they will be made of carbon fiber, foam and mylar.

Then came the question of how these parts will be attached to the plane as they need to be easily detachable for maintenance and rotate. The design involves as simple clamp and hinge system and will be 3D printed for the most part.

The primary focus for the upcoming year is to start manufacturing the control surfaces as well as working on a transmitter-receiver system to control the aircraft.